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The IRS is collecting on tax liabilities that were not “even in dispute,” Commissioner Danny Werfel said, but the IRS did not previously have the resources to pursue payment. [...]

The proposed regulations apply to overpayments of interest on erroneous refunds of COVID-19 credits paid on or after July 2. [...]

A survey by the AICPA shows that almost two-thirds of tax professionals say it takes over 90 days to get a substantive response from the IRS to correspondence. [...]

The final regulations provide guidance regarding the reporting and payment of the excise tax on repurchases of corporate stock made after Dec. 31, 2022. [...]

The final regulations require custodial brokers to report transactions on Form 1099-DA, which the IRS will release soon. A different set of final regulations with rules for decentralized, or noncustodial, brokers will be issued later. [...]

A 15 percent corporate rate would be pro-growth, but it would not address the structural issues with today’s corporate tax base. [...]

From President Biden calling the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the “largest tax cut in American history,” to former President Trump claiming that Biden “wants to raise your taxes by four times,” the campaign rhetoric on taxes may be sparking some confusion. [...]

A higher tax burden for private infrastructure investments like wireless spectrum, 5G technology, and machinery and equipment makes an existing problem worse—especially against the backdrop of outright state subsidies in countries like China. [...]

The aim of patent boxes is generally to encourage and attract local research and development (R&D) and to incentivize businesses to locate IP in the country. However, patent boxes can introduce another level of complexity to a tax system, and some recent research questions whether patent boxes are actually effective in driving innovation. [...]

The agreement represents a major change for tax competition, and many countries will be rethinking their tax policies for multinationals. [...]

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