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The memorandum lists 10 challenges in order of importance, ranging from data security to achieving o [...]

The IRS finalized regulations permitting taxpayers to deduct disaster losses in the prior tax year a [...]

The IRS ruled that a taxpayer does not have gross income as a result of a hard fork of a cryptocurre [...]

U.S. shareholders who own stock in foreign corporations were given a safe harbor by the IRS, making [...]

The IRS issued its annual notice specifying the special per-diem rates, including the transportation [...]

Wednesday, the House Ways & Means Committee is expected to mark up H.R. 4742, sponsored by Repre [...]

Connecticut, California, New York, and New Jersey rank lowest in our 2020 State Business Tax Climate [...]

When Texans step into the voting booth on November 5, they’ll have the option to prohibit an individ [...]

Advances in technology have enabled workers to connect with customers via online platform applicatio [...]

Ahead of the upcoming legislative sessions, Pennsylvania and New Mexico are considering legislative [...]

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